Belgium Visa Document Requirements

Belgium Visa Document Requirements

Proper Documentation is one of the necessary prerequisite when you plan to get your Belgium Visa. Although UK was not the part of Schengen Agreement which was signed way back in 1985, yet British citizens are allowed to travel without a Schengen Visa across Europe.However, UK’s decision to take an exit from EU may give rise to the Schengen Visa requirements for British citizens requiring them to apply for a visa in order to visit the Schengen Area. The type of Visa would depend upon the purpose of your travel i.e. whether you want a Belgium Spouse Visa, Belgium Tourist Visa or  Belgium Business Visa, Short-term/Long-term Stay, Spouse of EU/UK resident or a student residing in UK who wishes to travel Belgium. The document requirements may vary according to the circumstances of each individual case and type of Visa applied. In order to cater to the said requirements, one needs an expert guidance and assistance and we are committed to make sure that you get your Belgium Visa by following few easy steps.

In order to get a Belgium Visa, following is the list of necessary general documents and requirements for UK Residents.

  • A valid passport along and a valid UK residence permit or any other proof of Identity. Do make sure that the passport has been issued in last 10 years and carry at least two blank unmarked pages. The passport should be valid for a period of 3 months beyond the time period you intend to stay in Schengen area or in case of multiple visits, 3 months beyond the last visit you intend to make.
  • Cover Letter stating the purpose of your visit to Belgium. (If it is a family visit, it should contain the invitation from your Belgium host and details regarding the relationship with the host)
  • Passport Size Photograph on a white/light background with appropriate color and brightness showing your complete face should be taken at the time of making the application. There should be no head coverings and photograph should not be stapled or glued but may be attached with a clip.
  • Hotel Reservations and Accommodation. Details of accommodation or confirmed hotel bookings including the dates and period of intended stay, name and contact number of hotel before applying for a Belgium Visa are a must. If you are travelling in a group, then proof of participation in a group travel would suffice.
  • Travel Insurance. A valid travel medical cover taking care of all your emergency medical needs, medical evacuation and repatriation is a necessary requirement for Visa Application (minimum coverage of EUR 30,000 in case of Schengen Visa).
  • Proof of Transportation. Travel arrangements including flight/train tickets or Driving License and Vehicle Registration Documents etc. (In case you are planning to travel via Car) and complete travel itinerary should form part of your necessary transportation proof.
  • Proof of Income. This is to ensure that you have sufficient personal means of subsistence both for the intended period of stay and for the return to your country of residence. Bank Statement of UK Bank Account for last 3 months, 3 recent pay slips, Credit Card Statement and traveler’s cheque are few documents that are necessary to make sure that you can sustain your stay in the Schengen area.

Note:  Visa Documents should not be more than 1 month old.

Apart from the above mentioned general documents and requirements which are required for a Belgium Visa, there are specific documents which are required as per the employment status.

  • Employees: Employed individuals must submit a letter from the concerned employer or organization confirming the employment (It should not be older than 1 month), Current bank statement of last 6 months from application, Income Tax Return or Certificate of tax deducted at source from salary and leave permission from employer or organization.

If Unemployed and married to an EU Citizen, spouse’s employment letter from spouse’s employer or organization where he/she working, spouse’s valid passport, Original Marriage Certificate (Must be officially translated in English/Dutch/French and certified & stamped by the Consulate where the marriage took place or Legalization Bureau of Foreign office in UK)

  • Self Employed: Self Employed individuals must submit a copy of their business license, Bank Statement of the Company for last 6 months from application, Income Tax Return, Letter of Invitation from concerned business or authority in Belgium(In case of business conference), documents confirming your status of employment in business etc.
  • Students: Students must submit a letter from University confirming enrolment, certificates or student cards of the course undertaken and No-objection certificate from the university.
  • Retired Individuals: Retired Individuals must submit Pension statement of last 6 Months.

Belgium Visa Documents required for participation in cultural/scientific/academic/sporting Event
For participation in the said events, Letter of invitations with stated purpose, details regarding the dates of the event and inviting organization, Entry tickets and other documents confirming the purpose of the trip undertaken must be submitted.

For minor travelling without parent or legal guardian, visa application must be accompanied by the authorization by the parent or legal guardian.

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